Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New strains and old drawings.

I strained my drawing hand's thumb at a theme park recently.

Because of it I haven't been able to do much of anything except relax, read, and take pictures of old drawings! Here are some of my favorites!


Round 2

So back by demand, the Safehouse is at it AGAIN! Another big show for those of you close to the bay area on June 10th! So if you missed the first one, do NOT miss this one!!See you all there!!



BAM! The incredible talent at and CFSL Ink have joined forces and created one hell of an art book!

Gorilla Artbook Vol. 1 !

It is a huge honor to be in there amongst the BAZILLION other incredible artists who make this book look so damned good! Check it out, but really just buy it, because it honestly may just be one of the best art books of the year!



Buy the Gorilla Art book here:

Check out the safe house studio website, for show dates and artists galleries here:



Grisel said...

Te felicito por todos tus logros mi hija querida,que tu caminar en la vida siga siempre bendecida , to amo:

Jose Rafael Montero Fernandez said...

wow,..........Karla,...te felicito impresionante,..trabajo....y pensar que la ultima vez que te vi eras una niƱa y ahora eres toda una mujer profesional, artista ,...te deseo mucho excito en tu vida mas del has logrado,...



Att: Rafy Tabla


I'm sorry to hear that you hurt your hand. :( I hope that you're on the road to a quick recovery! I really do love the new (old) pieces- especially the female figure.

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