Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Latests News.


I made it to spectrum! I'm ecstatic, excited and honored to be amongst such a wonderful pick of artists!

Here are some incredible videos on the selection process! Being a judge seems like a really tough gig.


Art Book: Illusions of Reality

I have been on a art book buying craze. I can't stop and it's a problem...sort of :).

So one of my friends asked me my thoughts on my latest buy Illusions of Reality and here is my short review of this must buy.

Illusions of Reality is AMAZING! It speaks extensively on the art and the history of the time in which the art was made. Some of the works where banned and deemed too controversial because they focused on the working man, and awful working conditions of the beginnings of the Industrial Age.

The art featured is so wonderful and rare. A lot of the artists hardly have any pictures on the internet, you can't even find them on the Art Renewal archives. Throughout the book they have small detail shots to accompany the writing and at the end of the book they feature full pages of the paintings as a whole. It's a really wonderful art book and everyone should absolutely get it!


Big Win on Safehouse Show

The Safehouse Show One was a big BIG success!

If you went to the show many thanks for making it the incredible event it was! And if you signed up for our studio #4 mailing list worry not! Emails with news, art and events are on the way!

In the meanwhile why not check out the Safehouse Studio website? It has a couple pictures of the show, links to all the studio artists and the Safehouse School!

web: http://www.thesafehousestudios.com/

See you all on the next one!


Where is all the art?

I've been mega busy with the job, the freelance, teaching and finding time to work on my own stuff! But works are on the way! I am gathering all the sketches and work I've done in the past couple months! It will be posted soon, so come on by!


Chris said...

I'm glad things seem to be going well for you :). I've been spending my money on art books too :P
Can't wait to see the new works :)

Chris Bonura said...

whoa spectrum, congrats!

bhavana jain said...

i am glad to see these good arts :D

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