Friday, April 12, 2013

Line in Lead 2: Works in Graphite

Hello everyone!

I've had a very humbling and  incredible opportunity to be a part of this year's Line in Lead 2: Works in Graphite show at Gallery Nucleus!

The artist list is mind blowing , and to be showing alongside them is one hell of an honor!

Here I present to you the three pieces I will be showing at the show:

"La Omega"


"To The Other World"


The opening reception will be this Saturday, April 13th from 7pm-10pm! So if you are in the area, come on by! See these in person (FYI, They look so much better in real life!) , look at all the other incredibly mind blowing art  , and just have a fun time!

And just in case some of you can't make it, there is always the online viewing and purchasing option!
 Do note if you are indeed interested in purchasing any of these works, move fast! There has already been various interested parties, so get 'em before they do! (just don't let them know I told you!)

For more details show view this link:

And for details on the online viewing ( which opens Saturday), go here:

See you all there!


Now , I wish to talk to you all about my  next update.

For my next update I will be going more in depth on this:

My first ever Magic: The Gathering card : Teysa, Envoy of Ghost, to be released with the Dragon's Maze set . I will be showcasing the process, steps, thoughts, ideas and blood sacrifices made to create this card! :)

In honor of the set, this update will coincide with it's Pre-release date on April 27th - April 28th!

For more information on the Dragon's Maze set , or just Magic: The Gathering in general ,  please go here:

Stay tuned and see you all next time! 


Katherine Thomas said...

Oh wow! I am so impressed and awed by your work! I tried to look at the Nucleus exhibit, but it 's not posted yet. I'll keep checking for it! I love the creativity of your work and the masterful way that you render everything with graphite. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lee Tao said...

Saw the card preview but didn't know who the Artist was, Surprised it was you, amazing job on it; absolutely love it! Can't make the nucleus exhibit but saw your moleskin work in the moleskin show in SF a few months ago.

Great stuff, keep updating this blog!!

Daniel Ljunggren said...

Love this illustration, and I've been enjoying your ImagineFX "tutorial paintings" a lot as well. Will be looking forward to the more in-depth update to this image.

Take care,

Daniel Ljunggren said...

I was referring to the Magic Card btw :)

James Ryman said...

I absolutely love your graphite work! So.Good.

twistyken said...

I've been playing MtG for a long time, and this illustration is one of the best I've seen on a Magic card. Hope you'll do more soon.

Lys said...

Your illustration is really amazing, but I am absolutely in love with the graphite ones... this medium is so perfect, with its light and shades, to represent something pure and deathly at the same time. You totally won my heart and win a new fan ! <3 \o/

Verena said...

This is cool!

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