Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lunch time + Studies= Lunchies!

My co-workers and I have been doing quick 15 minute studies almost every day , for about 4 months now. We call them Lunchies. We're very strict with our time limit, and sometimes even hold our wacom pens up in the air to ensure we don't do any extra polish when time is up (which can get very difficult to do sometimes!).

These are a great exercise , because you only have 15 minutes. So you are always thinking what is truly important about an image and how can you capture it as quickly as possible. You don't get hung up on the details , and start realizing how simple and broad brushstrokes can describe far more,usually with a better aesthetic touch than relentless rendering. You also learn to let go and move on to something else...which obligates you to try and get the damn thing right the first time!

Here are some of the ones I like the best and/or learned the most from, side by side with the movie stills I studied them from.









Ryan Lee said...

WooHoo!! These are awesome Karla! This is such a great idea..I'm all inspired now :}

zach oldenkamp said...

Nice. Work. Karla!

Felipe Cavalcante said...

Really congrats for the amazing work,fuckin awesome.. greetings from Brazil!

Eli Maffei said...

Rad Bro!

Tim said...

Wow! These are really good! Makes me want to realize this idea of a 15-minute drawing right now :D

rodrigoart said...

kickass! I need to do that more, I'm such a render/detail whore. I've just started doing some quick rockwell composition studies myself daily, but nowhere as cool as these, good stuff!

Eric Braddock said...

Awesome studies, I especially dig that last one :)

Silvio Aebischer said...

Really nice!
Do you allow yourself to pick the colors from the source image or try to "mix them by hand?

Nikhita said...

brilliant post, and brilliant speeds! you've got the light as close as you could in many of them! Really nice work karla! :)

Thomas von Kummant said...


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