Thursday, October 28, 2010

Work in progress II

A lot of different artists have little rituals on how to begin the painting process. Some artists begin with line and others with shape. I usually have an easier time figuring things out with a line drawing first.

Right after I am relatively happy with my line drawing, that's when my "little ritual" begins and I set up my "digital surface" for painting.

I duplicate the drawing layer I made earlier( duplicate shortcut: ctrl+j). One drawing layer is set to "overlay" with a burnt sienna tint, I make sure this layer is at the top. The second drawing layer is set to normal but I lower the opacity to about 30% to 40%. I keep this layer underneath the overlay layer.

After this process I go back to the background layer and give it a basic tone , so as not to start from a white canvas.

I make another layer and begin to block in the local color of the piece. Once I'm happy with the overall relationship of colors, I then add my basic shadows.

(example of layer organization)

I use this method because it's reminiscent of the initial steps I used to take when preparing a painting in oils. Working from a drawing, then transferring the drawing to the canvas and giving it a basic wash . :)

There are many challenges to this painting right now, I'm indifferent to the composition, and perhaps the answer lies in adding more contrast to emphasize lighting, or establishing a stronger perspective. I'll have to figure it out this out before I go any further.


On Demand!

I've begun to record my process whenever possible on !

Now mind you some of the sessions are short ( about a minute or so) and others can be very long (3 hours!)! It's all unedited , so expect slow brushstrokes, moments of pause, and maybe the occasional bathroom break!

My painting times are a bit sporadic but I hope to be able to make it easier for people to know when I will be painting live through twitter, facebook and this blog. So drop by and say hello, or check it out at your convenience!


Many thanks Daniel C. For pushing me to do these sessions!

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Joshua James said...

Very Cool and Happy Birthday!

Danny Araya said...

Absolutely gorgeous work, I got really inspired while browsing your blog

Eli Maffei said...

Hey Karla, I like this piece. I wonder if you've thought of putting that retina reflection in the eyes of some of the animals and the girl? like when you shine a flashlight on a cat at night. I know it would simulate more photographic look, but I think it could be spooky and cool.

Steve Jung said...

Very cool technique and style. Love it!

kittrose said...

It's very interesting, thank you for sharing. The finished piece is astonishing.

Nhac San Cuc Manh said...

this is a nice site. i'm a Nhac San in Viet Nam.