Saturday, February 20, 2010

Graffiti Beach day 1

Costa Mesa is a nice place, it was warm and sunny, and a nice change from sf...just for a little bit.

I met a lot of very lovely people and got to paint people all day.

one of them is an extremely talented individual, the eclectic Mr. Lee

and the lovely Giselle lent me her good looks for this piece

cannot wait for another day full of lovely people, lovely weather and more live painting.

Atelier week, well. wasn't very exciting, was it? lol I'm planning on making a huuge Atelier homage post on very soon, so let's think of that as the fireworks after the celebration, eh? ;p Thank you for tuning in, everyone!


zach oldenkamp said...

haha electric he is. great stuff.

Rob Rey said...

Great portraits! True colors, very nice.

jtiong said...

Wow, lee's portrait!