Sunday, November 29, 2009

Time flies by.

My goodness! A whole month passed already?!

It's incredible how quickly time passes when you keep yourself extra busy! I'm working on a lot of different projects right now,and cannot wait until I'm allowed to share the work with all of you! Also I'll be working on a couple entries for Spectrum. Let's see if I can get in this year! What an excitingly busy end of the year.

Until all the new stuff is completed and can be shown, let's update with some works from school! One is a digital quick study of our school in the middle of a gesture session, and two oil portraits.


Paul Scott Canavan said...

Lovely work here; I'm currently building folio work in order to apply to Atelier, fantastic to see some of the amazing work coming out of there!

sebbonaparte said...

Totally digging those oil portraits, especially the first one. I love the atmosphere in it.

Tiffany prothero said...

whoooo hoo! more posts!? Nice portraits Karla, I love their expressions.